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 had known Francesco for several years, since we had worked together in
London.  We had always got along very well, and had become good friends.
Our wives even went shopping together and our kids played at family lunches.
  As colleagues we got along well, hanging out for a beer after work, and on
our regular trips abroad we always found time for dinner and drinks.  He was
easy company and, I have to admit, easy on the eye as well.  His muscular
6′ 2″ frame filled his clothes to maximum advantage, while his well-cut mane
of dark hair and his incredibly dark eyes set him apart from any crowd.  His
olive skin was always tanned, giving him an air of easy well-being.  He
smiled easily and often and, being Italian he was never afraid to give
physical expression to his feelings.  He would often grab my shoulder or
thigh when trying to emphasise a point, and we always hugged hello and
goodbye.  At those times I would have to struggle with myself not to press
my crutch in to him, and one night I swear I felt a hefty length of hard
cock pressing in between my legs as we embraced farewell after an evening of

For my part, I’m in my late 30s and I’m Anglo-Irish.  I have brown hair,
deep blue eyes (my best feature), and I have pale Celtic skin, the kind that
goes red and then peels immediately on exposure to sunlight.  But I keep fit
and I lift weights so I have a good upper body and my abs are not too bad
for a married guy with 3 kids, but let’s face it, I’m not 20 anymore.

So what was different about this particular night?  Well, Francesco and I
were in his home town, Rome on a business trip and were staying in a really
nice hotel.  We ended up going for dinner to a great place and we stayed
late drinking brandy and talking and, as always happens when you put two
married guys around a table together, we started to talk about sex.

To be honest, it’s the only thing married men ever want to talk about
really.  We like to share the experience of denial and our total frustration
to remind ourselves that we are not alone.  I have never met a married man
who thinks he gets enough sex at home, and that is the main reason that so
many of us play away any chance we can get.

On this night, we really opened up to one another and in the hotel bar after
dinner it became abundantly clear that we were both looking for other
opportunities to fuck around.  I told Francesco that I was only interested
in doing stuff I could not do at home.
“Like what?” he asked, grinning.
“Like group sex, threesomes, that kind of stuff.”  I replied.
Francesco grinned at me again.  Turned out he had done a couple of
threesomes with his best buddy when he was at college.  They had both fucked
a girl together a few times.  He told me it was the best sex he ever had,
much better than when he fucked two girls together.  By now I was nearly
cumming in my pants.
“Wow!” I exclaimed.  “What are the rules of that game?”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, do you form an orderly queue and bang her one at a time, or is it
three people all having sex with one another at the same time?”
Francesco nodded and smiled.  “Oh, it’s very much three horny people having
sex all together.  Everyone is touching everything.” He said, enigmatically
raising an eyebrow.
“Weren’t you at all inhibited by having another guy with you? I asked.
Then, taking a deep breath — I was nearly overcome with excitement at this
point, I said, “Another naked guy with a big hard cock sticking in her face
while you were humping her?”
“Not at all.” Francesco said with his usual candour.  “In fact, I found it
really horny.”
“Wow!” I said a few times.  And then, after a few seconds’ silence I said,
“I could only do that with someone I really trust.”
“Of course,” Francesco replied.  “But why, particularly?”
“Well,” I paused.  “This is hard to say, but you are my close friend and I
know I can trust you.”
Francesco smiled and patted my arm, leaving his big, warm hand in place on
my wrist.
“Because I think, well that is, I know, I mean, my biggest fantasy is to
suck a guy’s cock while I fuck a girl he’s just cum inside of.”
Francesco moved his hand up my wrist, the warmth of his touch making me
shiver in horniness.
“I think that sounds fantastic.” He said quietly, “In fact, I think it
sounds great whether there is a girl there or not.”
I trembled as I heard him say that.  My stomach was contracting so hard it
was hurting, and my cock had gone from flaccid to instant 7″ rock-hard
erection in two seconds flat.
I swallowed hard.  “Do you think that maybe we should continue this
conversation upstairs?”
Francesco smiled and nodded and followed me to the lift.  Inside the
elevator we waited until the doors closed before we grabbed one another, our
open mouths crushed against each other as our tongues embraced, our arms
locked around one another’s shoulders in a hard full-on embrace.  Between my
legs, the gentle thrust of his hard cock told me that my earlier experience
had not been my imagination and I hurriedly lowered a hand to rub the
swelling in his groin.
Abruptly the elevator bell sounded as we landed at my floor and we quickly
broke off to walk along the corridor to my bedroom.  Once we were inside we
began to kiss again, breaking off only to help one another pull shirts over
heads, remove shoes and socks, until we stood there in our underwear, both
tenting nicely.
I paused for a moment so that my eyes could drink in his beauty.  His large
round nipples were dark and hairless, while his muscular torso was smooth
and brown.  I couldn’t wait to be consumed by his lust and I ran my eager
hands over him, pushing my mouth against his once more.  I shuddered with
delight as I felt his strong hands and arms go around me, capturing me in a
hard embrace that continued until we fell sideways on to the bed.  Here we
lay, kissing passionately for several minutes until we broke off and jumped
out of our underwear, our granite cocks bouncing from the movement.  I
gasped as I saw his amazing cock for the first time.  It was so big it
almost needed its own passport.  I moved to him and took his big Italian
salami in my hand, my thumb and forefinger barely closing around the shaft.
I looked into Francesco’s eyes and he groaned as I gently squeezed.
“Looks like part of your fantasy is about to come true.” He growled,
pushing me gently to my knees.  His cockhead was a big, throbbing purple
bulb and I immediately stuck out my tongue to lick it, wanking his foreskin
back and forth along his shaft while my other hand found his big balls and
began to caress and fondle the two chicken-eggs that nestled in the silky
sack between his legs.  I began to dive a bit deeper, taking more of his
cock into my mouth, inhaling the salty scent as my nose came to rest in his
pubes as his glans butted the back of my throat and urged its way into my
windpipe.   I felt a churning in his balls and pulled off; I didn’t want him
to cum yet.
Francesco now pulled me up and got into a 69 on the bed.  It was sheer
fucking heaven and seemed to go on for ever.  He lay on his back with his
legs wide apart, while I crouched above him so that he could take my cock
into his throat.  I gasped as he deep-throated me — clearly this wasn’t his
first time, either — and when he pushed a wet finger into my puckered arse,
I let out a great sigh and wiggled my balls against his face.  He didn’t
need telling twice and began to suck them as he worked his finger in and out
of me.
“Oh, Mark.” He said, breaking off from my balls for a moment, “We are going
to have the time of our lives from now on.”
I grunted in appreciation, not wanting to take his spectacular cock out of
my mouth, but when he pushed a second finger in to my arse and rubbed my
prostate, I found myself cumming hard in his mouth, jet after jet of my hot
cream bursting its way out of my cock and down his welcoming throat.
Francesco was not far behind me and the experience of swallowing his cum
confirmed once and for all that big cocks definitely shoot more cum.  I
thought I was going to drown in his beautiful spunk as it flew out of him
and into my greedy gullet.  His fat sausage pulsed four times in my mouth,
and as I pulled him out of my mouth it gave two more giant jerks as he
sprayed my face and open mouth with the last of his cocksauce.  I collapsed
in a heap beside him and we kissed and licked the cum from each other’s
faces, sharing it all in a prolonged kiss before we fell asleep, entwined in
one another’s arms.
I don’t know how long we slept but when I awoke the first thing I saw was
Francesco lying next to me, rubbing lube into his cock.
“Mark, my friend, I need to fuck you very badly.  I need to be inside you
and watch your face as I spunk my seed into you.  Is that okay?”
For answer I kissed him long and deep, rubbing my hand over his cock and
then taking some of his lube and fingering it into my own arse.  He smiled
and began to work his own thick fingers into me, making me gasp.  To be
honest, I have always found fingers rather uncomfortable, whereas a cock is
nice and streamlined and doesn’t have nails!
Finally we were ready and I lay back on the pillows and spread my legs as
wide as I could.  Francesco lay on top of me and we kissed as his fat
cockhead nudged at my mancunt.  The sensation of his hot cock pushing at my
sensitive arse made me shudder with pleasure and I ran my hands over his
back and arse as he carefully pushed himself into me.  Slowly but surely his
mighty length — I measured it the next morning and found it to be over 9″
long — worked its way into my snug, velvet tunnel.  Finally I felt his big
bollocks touch the cheeks of my arse and I knew we had cracked it.

Francesco leant up on his wrists and stared down at me.
“How is that, my horny friend?” he asked, the sexiness of his voice almost
making me cum right there.
“Wonderful.” I sighed.  “But please, Francesco, please fuck me.  I really
need you to fuck me now.”
“Oh don’t worry about that,” he grinned.  “You will be so happy with me
when I have fucked you, you will never want it to stop.”
With that promise ringing in my ears, Francesco began to slowly move his
big cock in and out of my gaping mancunt.  He was an amazing cocksman,
varying not only the length of his strokes and their speed, but also the
angle of attack so that, by the time his large cockhead butted past my
prostate, I came spontaneously without even touching myself.  As I shouted
out in amazement I heard him laugh, running a hand between our stomachs to
touch the cum my cock had belched out.  He raised his hand to his lips and
licked my cum from it, letting me taste it when he had finished.  And then,
lowering himself on to his elbows he asked me to wrap my legs tight around
him as he began to fuck me harder and faster than anyone before or since.  I
felt like a steamhammer was pile-driving its way through me as he pumped and
fucked like there was no tomorrow.  His cock pistoned into me at warp speed
as his orgasm built up inside him.  Driving his tongue deep into my mouth he
seemed almost to want to break me with his fucking as he suddenly broke off
from the kiss and announced his orgasm in a wild roar, his face frozen in an
expression of paralysed ecstacy as his mighty cock pumped copious amounts of
his wonderful cum into my grateful arse.  I could still feel his cock
twitching inside of me as he collapsed on top of me.

Needless to say, we didn’t leave it at that.  Francesco stayed the night
with me and we slept in each other’s arms.  In the morning I gorged myself
on a wonderful breakfast of cock, cock and more cock, before lying back on
the pillows once more for him to skewer me with his amazing fuckstick.

Since then we have fucked whenever we can, which is never as often as we
would like, but if it were too often perhaps we would lose interest.

In my next instalment I will tell you about the threesome I enjoyed with
Francesco and his business partner Vittorio when they came to London on a
business trip.

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