Gay Barebacking Smoking

Written by admin on December 19, 2007 – 10:02 pm -

I recently met this guy, ’bout forty, ’bout 6’4″, about 240, as I was smoking outside of Grand Central Station in NYC.  He asked for a light, we chatted, and I ended up blowing him in one of the stairwells at the Grand Hyatt.  It turns out that he uses an apartment in the city a coupla nights a week.  (He’s married, with two kids, living in the suburbs.)

I’ve seen him a few times since then.  He’s got a smoking and bondage fetish.  He likes to cuff my wrists behind my back, put a blindfold over my eyes, and then play games.  He feeds me his smoke, or makes me take a drag on his cigarette, and then shoves his cock into my mouth.  Or me makes me hold his cigar in my teeth while he puts a toy in my ass.  I’m never sure what’s coming next:  the only requirement is that I don’t say a thing and that I don’t touch my cock (usually pretty easy, because my wrists are

He also has this thing for the way that I smell:  my sweaty pits and crotch gets him warmed up, and when he puts his nose in my ass he just whimpers.

Turns out that he doesn’t like to fuck, but he loves to watch.  A couple of times, he’s been in a leather mood:  I’m in chaps and boots, with a leather hood; otherwise, I’m just blindfolded.  Either way, I’m cuffed.  He gets another guy to stop by:  when the other guy walks in, I’m on my knees, with a plug in my ass.  The other guy gets to do what he wants, although he prefers to see me used hard, and fucked raw, of course.

Last time we did this, a couple of days ago, he invited two of his buddies to come by.  I was blindfolded and plugged, and on my back in a sling, with my hands cuffed above my head.  I was alternating between his cigarette and his cock in my mouth when I heard the two guys walk in.  I listened to them take off their clothes and light cigars.  The guys popped the plug outta my ass – no ease
with it, just a hard yank.  I felt the rough hands of one of the guys slide down the inside of my thighs and spread my ass.  Before I could really get ready for it, I could feel the dick work its way up my hole:  it wasn’t too wide but it was a long one and not very well lubed up, so there was a lot of hot friction.  As the guy began to pull out, I got the other dick, this one fat and soft, in my mouth.  The dick in my mouth got hard as the guy in my hole picked up speed.  The cock in my mouth got hard quickly and, as I was beginning to gag on it, they switched places.  Now I had the long thinner one pushing at the back of my throat and, in one hard shove, the fat one in my ass.  They took turns and switched places three more times:  I finally heard a loud grunt and moan from the guy with the fat dick, felt him jam it deep into my ass, and cum.  I could feel the heat flush my asshole good.  He came so much I heard the juice slush around.  The second guy pulled out of my mouth, came around to my ass and pushed his cock into me, and came as well.  I could feel him slowly deflating until his cock flopped out.  He got down to eat my ass and suck out the two loads of cum that were housed inside of it.  After sucking out as much as he could, I felt someone pry my mouth open, and in poured all of the dirty milk from my ass.  After a final spit, to make sure he got it all out, one of the guys, I think the first one to fuck me, got down and kissed me. 

I heard them get dressed as my buddy fed me the smoke from his cigarette. He slowly began to work my dick with his hand.  After his buddies left, I got my reward.  He also has a video fetish, and I got to watch myself getting fucked by the two guys, while I smoked and jerked off and, of course, he filmed me again, with a close up of the left over cum dripping outta my hole.  Oh, yeah, I also got to see who the two guys were:  the long thinner dick was a 30-year-old red-head, about 6’3″, with nice muscles; the fat dick was attached to a 35-year-old Dominican guy, about 200 pounds of muscle.

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